Hola! I'm


an up-and-coming web developer

A little background

I originally went to school for Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, but I have decided to change paths. Web development is something I have always been curious about - to me, it's much like working with artistic aspects as much as technicality and precision work.

Coding Journey

There is no set timeline in my life when I decided programming was going to be my chosen career. As many other millenials that grew up with the internet and websites such as myspace, tumblr, and wordpress, plus short classes at school where we would build simple websites with HTML, it took me finishing engineering school to realize that this coding thing really is a lot of fun.

My first experience with code was working on data analysis of physical and chemical systems and reactor design through MATLAB - Something that at one point I thought was fun, but quickly turned into tedious work that I did not feel passionate about. I then had a short course on Machine Learning in which we had to build and train ML models to analyze data with python. This course was a lot of work and information to take in, and it proved to be very difficult at times, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to try and learn Machine Learning in the near future.

Science & Education

The favorite book as a kid was "The Usborne Complete Book of the Microscope" (Thank you, google. I could not have remembered otherwise). My second favorite book was my mother's old high school medicine book. I could lie and tell you my favorite past-time was reading these books, though I truly despised the thought of reading books without pictures as a child. It wasn't that I was a bookworm, though I did develop an early passion for learning. I've always considered myself to be a knowledge sponge of sorts. You know, "knowledge is power" and all that jazz. I enjoy puzzles and troubleshooting, and I believe this is why I picked to go to shcool for engineering. If you're interested, you can take a look at my résumée page here

Writing, Film & Photography

It has been quite a while since I wrote anything for fun, but when I do it's often to publish on my blog, which is mostly a portfolio of whatever shoots I've done and have decided to post. I have always fantasized about screenwriting and doing short films though. Perhaps that would be the next adventure I'll embark on, or develop as a hobby.